Mindset Reset

Mindset Reset is a fun, interactive, and high-content session for people who want to reach their highest potential in life and in business. In this breakout, you'll get the tools to clarify your goals and take action toward making them happen.

Brand new studies from Harvard, the American College of Sports Medicine, and dozens of other institutions have proven that movement impacts what and how you think. That means that cultivating a mind-body connection doesn’t just make you healthier—it can actually help you problem solve, improve your focus, and think more creatively.

In this one-of-a-kind program, you will:

  • Use scientifically proven methods to increase productivity & creativity in your work and life
  • Transform your brain power into actionable, specific solutions
  • Find clarity, guidance, and answers specific to YOU


powerful perspectives

Do you ever feel stuck? Is there a work issue or challenge you just can’t seem to get past? Could your team use a new…perspective?

This program is built on the foundation that YOU know the right answers for YOU—but that doesn’t always mean they’re easy to find. We often hit roadblocks, fall into ruts, and try to “think” our way out, using the same methods that got us there in the first place. We try to think of solutions from that limited, negative point of view.  Then, when that doesn’t work, we blame ourselves.

In Sonia’s revolutionary new program Perspectives, you will break out of that pattern. You’ll “step into” many different points of view—all specific to you and your immediate problem—to explore new possibilities from a deep, sensory, physical level. Using movement, you will tap into your inner guidance system and access your body intelligence. From there, you will choose the most powerful perspective, and create action items based on that point of view, to achieve the solution you really want.

Cutting-edge new research has proven this powerful technique to work. Studies show that moving your body impacts, on deep and biological levels, your thoughts, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities. Physical movement has actually been shown to direct people to the right answer to tricky questions! Perspectives builds on that science—putting it to work for you, to help you make your toughest, most critical decisions.