Three groundbreaking presentations from award-winning speaker Sonia Satra:


Mindset Reset: Rewire Your Brain for Peak Performance

Based on revolutionary new science showing that exercise physically rewires the brain, Mindset Reset is a high-energy, up-on-your-feet keynote that shows your audience how to use their body to open up new channels of creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making. Sonia Satra's award-winning presentation primes your audience to learn and focus throughout the day - making it the perfect opener, or an ideal session for the dreaded post-lunch slot, when audiences need an extra boost of energy and motivation..

The Five Pillars of Health: What You Need to Fulfill Your Potential

When most people hear the word “health,” they think diet and exercise…and they stop listening. But Sonia Satra has keyed into the five crucial pillars of true health – mindset, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and energy – and why we need to build up each pillar in order to live their most creative, successful lives. In this interactive session, Sonia guides your audience through a holistic process to help them optimize their health, so they can be their best selves at home and work.

Conquer the Inner Critic: How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

In this fun, high-content session, Sonia gets to the heart of one of today's biggest productivity killers: the Impostor Syndrome. Using her signature blend of stories, humor, and science-based mindset tools, Sonia teaches your audience how to break through what's holding them back and step into their true power

Sonia’s keynotes work as:

Opening – Sonia kicks off your conference and jump starts the day, getting everyone on their feet and into their right brain for a productive session.

Closing – Sonia would seamlessly wrap together the day, weaving her own teachings in with the other presenters. She will leave everyone energized and filled with excitement to take their new learnings out into the world and foster their success.

The Dreaded Post-Lunch Slot – That post-lunch slump is a spot everyone dreads. People are tired, bellies are full and energy is down. Sonia shines in this spot. She gets everyone excited for the second half of the day while effortlessly recapping the first part. Encouraging everyone to get up, have fun, and be excited, Sonia has a gift for getting everyone back on track and opened up to the creative possibilities that lie ahead in the day.

Mindset Reset is a fun, interactive, and high-content opening keynote for people who want to reach their highest potential in life and in business. Mind-Body Expert Sonia Satra gives you the tools to clarify your goals and take action toward making them happen.

  • Scientifically proven method to transform your brain power.

  • The empowering secrets to achieving your goals: revealed!

  • How to break out of a rut and energize your life.

From starring in soap operas Guiding Light and One Life to Live, to scaling the continent’s tallest mountains, to founding the revolutionary fitness program Moticise, Sonia draws on her adventures to develop effective methods that will motivate, energize and inspire audiences. Sonia has parlayed over 10,000 hours onstage and onscreen experience to become an award-winning speaker, coach, and entrepreneur who brings energy and style to every presentation. In this keynote, you will: 

  • Tap into your body intelligence to set and achieve a goal

  • Increase productivity & creativity in your work and life

  • Find clarity, guidance, and answers specific to YOU

Mindset Reset: How to Rewire Your Brain for Success will get your audience up and moving. Based on cutting-edge research proving that moving your body optimizes focus, learning, and creativity, this experiential, movement-based keynote will energize your event and prepare audiences to get the most out of the conference - and their lives.

Impostor syndrome – the belief that you're a fraud – is a hot topic today, plaguing people with doubts and fears, and keeping them from fulfilling their potential. Especially in today's world of constant social media, where we are bombarded with images of other people's success, feeling like a fraud is a major source of stress and self-doubt.

Impostor syndrome hurts businesses because it erodes a person's confidence. It prevents them from thinking creatively, taking initiative, and working efficiently. It causes burnout, leading to more sick days, low productivity, and high turnover. Impostor syndrome damages the bottom line, because it worsens stress, which can lead to serious health issues (both physical and mental), costing a company time, effort, money, and their most valuable resource: employees.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Sonia Satra's Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: Step into Your True Power is an interactive, high-content presentation that guides participants through a process to help them step into their most successful, confident, creative selves. It will conclude with a movement-based activity to wire these changes into participants' bodies and minds.

Why movement-based, you ask? Sonia's unique blend of physical activity and mindset tools are based on groundbreaking new research, showing that movement dramatically improves concentration, focus, and memory. Instead of merely hearing new information, participants will embody it – so they don't just passively absorb data. By engaging their minds and bodies, Sonia helps her audiences create real, lasting change.

In this one-of-a-kind program, you'll free yourself from impostor syndrome for good. Participants will:

  • Learn to separate facts from feelings to discover what's really true – and what you can do about it

  • Change your beliefs from negative to empowering (all it takes is one decision!)

  • Create the character you want to be (using Sonia's tried-and-true acting techniques from Guiding Light and One Life to Live

  • Practice letting go of comparison and focusing on what really matters – YOU

  • Celebrate! By rewarding ourselves, we train our brains to want to succeed.

The belief that we are a fraud is detrimental to people, relationships, and business. With Sonia Satra's mind-body program Overcoming Impostor Syndrome, you'll walk away feeling energized, motivated, and most of all, authentically yourself – so you can go out and perform at your very best.

When most people hear the word “health,” they think diet and exercise…and they stop listening. It’s no coincidence that our culture today is in a serious health crisis: over 70% of Americans are overweight, with 40% morbidly obese. Stress, anxiety, depression, and hypertension are rampant, causing people to take more sick leave, slack off, and perform poorly. It’s estimated that poor health causes employers to lose $530 billion in loss of productivity alone, not to mention the staggering costs of health care.

Poor health is the #1 thing stopping people living from the lives they really want.

Fortunately Sonia Satra - holistic health coach, N:P (Neurolinguistic Programming) practitioner, and fitness & mindset expert - has created a way to help people get excited, informed, and empowered about their own health.

The former star of Guiding Light and One Life to Live has keyed into the five crucial pillars of true health - mindset, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and energy - and why we need to build up each pillar in order to be our most creative, successful selves. In this movement-based interactive session, Sonia guides your audience through a simple, holistic process to help them optimize their health, so that they can be their best, most creatives selves at home and work.

In this fun, high-content program, you will:

  • Dive deep into each of the five pillars of health and uncover what each one means to you

  • Understand what’s holding you bak from achieving good health - and what to do about it

  • Learn cutting-edge science about what affects your health and how you can use it to your advantage

  • Create an action plan to help you optimize each of the five pillars of health

Boosting your health is the most important thing you can do for yourself. With Sonia’s program, you will not only learn how, but you’ll also walk away motivated and energized to optimize your health.