Impostor syndrome – the belief that you're a fraud – is a hot topic today, plaguing people with doubts and fears, and keeping them from fulfilling their potential. Especially in today's world of constant social media, where we are bombarded with images of other people's success, feeling like a fraud is a major source of stress and self-doubt.

Impostor syndrome hurts businesses because it erodes a person's confidence. It prevents them from thinking creatively, taking initiative, and working efficiently. It causes burnout, leading to more sick days, low productivity, and high turnover. Impostor syndrome damages the bottom line, because it worsens stress, which can lead to serious health issues (both physical and mental), costing a company time, effort, money, and their most valuable resource: employees.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Sonia Satra's Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: Step into Your True Power is an interactive, high-content presentation that guides participants through a process to help them step into their most successful, confident, creative selves. It will conclude with a movement-based activity to wire these changes into participants' bodies and minds.

Why movement-based, you ask? Sonia's unique blend of physical activity and mindset tools are based on groundbreaking new research, showing that movement dramatically improves concentration, focus, and memory. Instead of merely hearing new information, participants will embody it – so they don't just passively absorb data. By engaging their minds and bodies, Sonia helps her audiences create real, lasting change.

In this one-of-a-kind program, you'll free yourself from impostor syndrome for good. Participants will:

  • Learn to separate facts from feelings to discover what's really true – and what you can do about it

  • Change your beliefs from negative to empowering (all it takes is one decision!)

  • Create the character you want to be (using Sonia's tried-and-true acting techniques from Guiding Light and One Life to Live

  • Practice letting go of comparison and focusing on what really matters – YOU

  • Celebrate! By rewarding ourselves, we train our brains to want to succeed.

The belief that we are a fraud is detrimental to people, relationships, and business. With Sonia Satra's mind-body program Overcoming Impostor Syndrome, you'll walk away feeling energized, motivated, and most of all, authentically yourself – so you can go out and perform at your very best.