Mindset Reset:
How to Rewire Your Brain for Success

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Mindset Reset is a fun, interactive, and high-content opening keynote for people who want to reach their highest potential in life and in business. Mind-Body Expert Sonia Satra gives you the tools to clarify your goals and take action toward making them happen.

  • Scientifically proven method to transform your brain power.
  • The empowering secrets to achieving your goals: revealed!
  • How to break out of a rut and energize your life.


From starring in soap operas Guiding Light and One Life to Live, to scaling the continent’s tallest mountains, to founding the revolutionary fitness program Moticise, Sonia draws on her adventures to develop effective methods that will motivate, energize and inspire audiences. Sonia has parlayed over 10,000 hours onstage and onscreen experience to become an award-winning speaker, coach, and entrepreneur who brings energy and style to every presentation. In this keynote, you will: 

  • Tap into your body intelligence to set and achieve a goal
  • Increase productivity & creativity in your work and life
  • Find clarity, guidance, and answers specific to YOU

Mindset Reset: How to Rewire Your Brain for Success will get your audience up and moving. Based on cutting-edge research proving that moving your body optimizes focus, learning, and creativity, this experiential, movement-based keynote will energize your event and prepare audiences to get the most out of the conference - and their lives.

Sonia's keynote works as... 

Opening – Sonia kicks off your conference and jump starts the day, getting everyone on their feet and into their right brain for a productive session.

Closing – Sonia would seamlessly wrap together the day, weaving her own teachings in with the other presenters. She will leave everyone energized and filled with excitement to take their new learnings out into the world and foster their success.

The Dreaded Post-Lunch Slot – That post-lunch slump is a spot everyone dreads. People are tired, bellies are full and energy is down. Sonia shines in this spot. She gets everyone excited for the second half of the day while effortlessly recapping the first part. Encouraging everyone to get up, have fun, and be excited, Sonia has a gift for getting everyone back on track and opened up to the creative possibilities that lie ahead in the day.