Do you need a new perspective on an obstacle you’re facing? Are you looking for ways to overcome a challenge? Do you want more fun and adventure in your life?

Life can be a lot like mountain-climbing. At times, it’s easy and fun, and you’re feeling good about your progress. 

But sometimes…you hit a wall. 

You come up against a cliff and you’ve got no choice but to climb it. You doubt your own ability. You might feel weak and powerless. Times like that require hope, courage, and strategy – but looking up at that wall, you feel like those have abandoned you.

In Climbing the Wall of Life: A Rock-Climbing Adventure & Workshop, Sonia Satra helps you find those things within yourself, so you can reach your own personal summit. In this one-of-a-kind workshop-adventure, you’ll:

  • Identify a specific “wall” in your life and brainstorm ways to scale it 
  • Reach deep within yourself to tap your inner strength, expertise, and ability
  • Make a specific and effective action plan to overcome your wall and climb all the way to the top
Then, you’ll embody all those things and put it into practice – by climbing a real rock wall.

In a safe, supportive, and adventurous environment, you and the group will learn the basics of rock climbing and belaying, then cheer each other on as you each scale the wall.0

Even if you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t have the upper body strength,” or “someone else could do that, but not me” – you’ve got what it takes. You’ll be amazed at how strong you really are, in both mind and body. By challenging and strengthening the two together, you’re equipping yourself for even greater, more lasting, and more fulfilling success.

You’ll walk away with confidence you didn’t know you had, a brand-new perspective on life, and courage that stems from deep within you. Plus, you’ll bond with your group in a way like no other. 

Don’t miss this chance to find your inner strength, and reach your personal best!

Join us for this fun, one of a kind workshop and wall climbing adventure. First, we will explore the beliefs and fears that are holding you back from living your best life and then we will embody your new found courage, inner strength, and strategies while we climb the wall and literally take your life to new heights!