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Mindset Reset:

Rewire Your Brain for Peak Performance

Based on revolutionary new science showing that exercise physically rewires the brain, Mindset Reset is a high-energy, up-on-your-feet keynote that shows your audience how to use their body to open up new channels of creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making. Sonia Satra's award-winning presentation primes your audience to learn and focus throughout the day - making it the perfect opener, or an ideal session for the dreaded post-lunch slot, when audiences need an extra boost of energy and motivation.

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Conquer the Inner Critic:

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

In this fun, high-content session, Sonia gets to the heart of one of today's biggest productivity killers: the Impostor Syndrome. Using her signature blend of stories, humor, and science-based mindset tools, Sonia teaches your audience how to break through what's holding them back and step into their true power.

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The Five Pillars of Health:

What You Need to Fulfill Your Potential

When most people hear the word “health,” they think diet and exercise…and they stop listening. But Sonia Satra has keyed into the five crucial pillars of true health – mindset, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and energy – and why we need to build up each pillar in order to live our most creative, successful lives. In this interactive session, Sonia guides your audience through a holistic process to help them optimize their health, so they can be their best selves at home and work.

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The Anxiety Antidote:

How to Use Brain Science to Go from Stress to Success

Today, stress is the #1 thing keeping people from reaching their fullest potential. A 2019 report showed that 80% of workers feel workplace stress, and nearly half say they need help learning how to manage stress. That’s why Sonia created The Anxiety Antidote - a fun, mind-body program that gives you the practical tools you need to free yourself from the burden and burnout of stress.

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The 5 Pillars of Health: How to Improve Your Immune System (& Your Mood)

The Anxiety Antidote: How to Use Brain Science to Go from Stress to Success

How to Master Your Emotions in Difficult Situations

Claim Your True Power: How to Overcome the Imposter Syndrome

7 Steps to Conquering Negativity & Overwhelm

How to Thrive in Stressful Times

Performing Under Pressure: How to Step Up When Stress Gets You Down

Corporate Adventure Retreat

Are you struggling to find new and innovative solutions to problems in the workplace?
Look no further than Sonia Satra's like-no-other Adventure Retreats - corporate events that take a whole new approach to professional development.

First, Sonia leads your team through a fun, interactive workshop where you'll learn techniques and tools for problem-solving, decision-making, and boosting creativity.

Then, you'll put those tools into action on a real-life Adventure! Whether you're kayaking to Lady Liberty, soaring on the flying trapeze, or climbing to the top of a rock wall, your team will break through their limitations and find strength and leadership they didn't know they had.

Sonia’s unforgettable presentations are perfect for…


Sonia kicks off your conference and jumpstarts the day, getting everyone on their feet and into their right brain for a productive session. Science (and experience!) show that movement primes the brain to learn, focus, and think creatively – so her session is ideal for the first slot of the day.


Sonia seamlessly wraps up the day, using movement and mindset techniques to help audiences encode and embody what they’ve learned through the conference. Her presentations leave everyone energized and ready to take their new tools out into the world.

The Dreaded Post-Lunch Slot

Oh, that dreaded afternoon talk! People are tired, bellies are full, and energy is down. Every conference needs a Sonia Satra for this exact moment. Her programs get people up, moving and opened up to the creative possibilities that lie ahead in the day.

Why You Should Hire Sonia For Your Next Event

"Sonia Satra is a powerhouse of a speaker and even more importantly, she's a catalyst for inspired action. We have had her speak to our NY Powerteam audience on numerous occasions and she always over-delivers leaving our members clear, open, and excited to take on what's next in their life. She's mastered the body-mind connection and she's always energetic, engaging, and compassionate in her delivery. Over the past 25 years, The NYPowerteam community has had hundreds of peak performance trainers on our stage, and Sonia is one of the few we have had multiple times speaking to our community. I highly recommend her."

-Joseph V.

"You are a rock star! Thank you so much for being part of our Renewal Summit earlier this month. The audience loved you and it was wonderful how you got everyone up on their feet, and in very cramped space, had us all moving and motivated!"

-Cheryl, Renewal Summit

"Sonia Satra is credible, poignant and speaks only from the heart. I recommend her in any capacity where she can motivate, teach and inspire others."

-Jackie Kellso, President of Pointmaker Communications, Inc

"It was a great pleasure having you speak at Maison Beljanski, everybody LOVED your talk, as well as your bubbling personality. Thank you so much for sharing your story, your knowledge, your energy and positive thinking."

-Sylvie Beljanski, CEO of Maison Beljanski

"I had the very good fortune to work with Sonia as a Program Leader for one of a series of wellness weekends I curated for the Chatham Bars Inn, a five-star resort in Cape Cod. Sonia designed and led a highly-motivational program called "Mindset Reset." She opened the weekend with a keynote outlining our goals and intentions for the weekend. She keep us interested and engaged. She involved the audience in a way that made us listen more closely. Sonia is very skilled at speaking and motivating others to enact change through her coaching and Moticise program. It was a true pleasure to work together"

-Sallie Fraenkel, President of Mind Body Spirit Network

"The entire group loved Sonia's presentation and the exercises she incorporated! It was a great experience to be able to see people utilize the talent they they never knew they had, and Sonia brought it out of them!"

-Victoria Springs, Army Core of Engineers

""Sonia has an uncanny ability to read the energy of a room and match her tone, style, and offerings to the audience's needs.""

-Jessica James, The Grace Institute

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