The Power of Moticise™

Moticise is the most effective way to make real, lasting changes in your life. It helps you align your whole self – mind, body, and heart – toward that thing you want most, that thing that’s calling to you like you were born for it (hint: you were.)

Moticise helps you:
• Identify that thing (whether it’s opening a coffee shop, winning a Grammy, or starting a family).
• Align your whole self toward it – mind, body, and heart.
• Take actionable steps to make it your reality.

When you move your body, you move your life. You tap into ideas and strengths you didn't know you had. You attract the things in life that light you up. You begin to radiate happiness, success, and energy. Your life “clicks” into place. You find things coming to you that you never thought possible.

All because of that special combination of mindset and movement.


Manifest through Movement

And you know what? You can start in just one minute!

What’s Moticise™?

"I have had an extremely difficult life and I've been really wanting to improve it. About 10 minutes into doing Moticise, every prompt allowed me to realize that I can change my mindset and not focus on negativity. That was extremely powerful and I truly believe that Moticise will help my life be better. It was life changing for me."

- Sue M.

"After my first session a couple of things happened: First, what I really wanted to achieve came as a surprise to me, and second, I kept craving more. I don’t even like exercising but I love Moticise."

- Sofia P.

"Moticise works! I've used it several times and each time I connected to something different, something that moves me forward physically and mentally. When I go for a run I typically think, "one more minute or one more mile" and I can't wait to be done. When I work with Moticise, time flies because I stay in the moment, connect to the experience and I finish up with the overwhelming sense that I can do anything. Try it!"

- Lisa M.

"Moticise is absolutely amazing! One of the things I really love about Moticise is that a lot of the time we try a bunch of different things to break through our fears and manifest our dreams and then ask ourselves: Why is this taking so long? Why do I still feel stuck? What I love about Sonia’s work is that it’s activating! When she combines personal development and breaking through fears with movement she ends up helping you break through the junk in your body that is holding you back. You can visualize all you want, but when you are able to get rid of the stuck energy in your body and activate the energy in a way that creates big manifestations, it’s so insanely powerful. I love Moticise!"

- Cindy A.

"I love what you’re doing in the world. For me it’s not about the fitness but it’s about the movement, affirmations, and mindset to get me to where I want to go and for that you are a genius, thank you!"

- Shirley D.

Study after study shows that movement is key to a powerful mindset, that our mindset impacts our reality, and that the body and mind are the two most powerful tools we have in shaping our lives.

Here are some examples:

·      In 2009, researchers at the University of Illinois found that participants who moved their bodies while trying to solve a difficult puzzle were 40% more likely to find the solution than a control group who didn’t move. The study came to the revolutionary conclusion that body movement influences cognitive functions in ways we can’t always see.

·      According to psychologist David McNeill, bodily gestures induce imagery and open up new channels of language, which he describes in detail in his book Gesture and Thoughts. This is part of a new wave in research that studies embodied learning, the idea that our bodies influence our thoughts to such an extent that with-out movement, certain thoughts and ideas simply aren't available.

·      Researchers have recently proven what mega-creative people like Stephen King, Einstein, Beethoven, Thoreau, Steve Jobs, and many others already knew: that walking boosts creativity.

·      Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. It’s true. When you imagine an action, say, throwing a softball, the exact same areas in your brain light up as when you actually throw a softball. That’s why successful athletes use visualization when they practice – by doing so, they’re actually training for the real thing.

·      Researchers recently discovered a little thing called experience-dependent neuroplasticity. That means the brain is always changing – and we have the power to change it. How? By moving your body. By choosing what thoughts you think on a daily basis. By asking yourself powerful questions. Those are all proven ways to change your brain on a molecular level.

Moving the body engages and changes the brain – making it easier to (literally) step into the lives we really want.
That’s why Moticise works.