Build the Castle First...

coaching mindset moticise Jun 18, 2014

When Walt Disney first had the idea of Disneyland, everyone thought he was crazy. People said it was impossible to build this theme park, because it was astronomically expensive, and completely new, like nothing that had been built before. So one of the first things he had the workers build was the castle.

His reasoning was, if you have this big beautiful castle that people can see, it’s going to galvanize them. They’re going to see it and get excited; they’re going to wonder what else he could do. It spreads magic. It spreads excitement, intrigue, energy, momentum—it gets people to see the potential. It also kept the workers motivated, because they saw how incredible this one aspect of his vision was. Brilliant!

I love that concept, so when I started creating Moticise, I kept thinking, what is my castle... and how can I build that first?

Well, Moticise isn’t just an exercise program. It’s a lifestyle in which you get really, really clear about what you want, and then work toward achieving that. It’s a combination of exercise and mindset tools, daily movement and motivation! How could I start to show that? Well, eventually it became the DVD, Mindset Reset, which I’m super excited to share soon.

So, in your grand vision, if you had no fear or doubts, what is your castle? What does it look like? What does it feel like to have it?  Even if you don’t know exactly what it is yet, just imagining that you have a castle can change your energy. So, allow yourself to feel the excitement, the inspiration, the magic. And yes, let that smile shine across your face.

Remember your castle doesn’t have to be so grandiose; it just has to be meaningful to you. If you want to lose weight, perhaps it’s a great outfit in your new size. If you want to start a business, maybe it’s a cool, new business card.

Play with it, have fun and remember from a castle’s perspective anything is possible!

Photo by Jorge Martínez on Unsplash

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