5 Reasons Why Adventure is Good for You (#2 is my favorite)

What does adventure mean to you?  Technically, it is defined as an unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity. Well that sounds daunting. Personally, I don’t believe it has to be life threatening, but the outcome often has an element of uncertainty or unpredictability....which of course is part of the fun ;-)

Apparently, 42% of Americans can’t even remember the last time they went on an adventure. Yikes! I have a hunch many of you are in the top 58 % but if not, what’s holding you back? And if you did embark on an adventure, take a moment to reflect, what did you learn or what was great about that experience?

I once asked a room of people how they felt about adventure. The two most common answers were exciting or terrifying. Lol, .just a little different. Interesting fact thought, fear and excitement have very similar physical reactions: increased heartbeat, shorter breath, tense muscles, heightened energy. The difference is the meaning you...

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5 Proven Ways to Live More Courageously

Years ago, I sat in the audience at a Tony Robbins event, avidly taking notes while he spoke about living courageously. One line in particular struck me like a bolt of lightning: 

The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with.

As soon as I heard it, and a hundred times since then, I have circled it, underlined it, starred it, dog-eared the page, written it in my journal, posted in on my bathroom mirror. I try to keep it near me so that I never, ever forget it.

Why? Because it’s 100% true. The more you’re willing to step out into an uncertain world – which requires a great deal of courage – the more big, beautiful, unexpected things will come to you. Because if you don’t step out into that world, if you stay inside your comfort zone where things feel so safe and certain and predictable, you won’t feel fulfilled, challenged, inspired.

The more courageously you live, the...

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The Art of Manifesting Love

Nearly 25 years ago, I found myself perched atop a black lava rock on the Big Island of Hawaii, alternately, gazing out at the beautiful ocean and fiercely, writing page after page of everything I wanted in a romantic partner. 

At the time, my acting career was flourishing but I was still reeling from a divorce and the prospect of a healthy and happy relationship seemed elusive. As I looked around, I didn’t see any strong relationship role models, the marriage statistics in Hollywood didn’t give me any confidence, yet deep down, I yearned to find true, lasting love. 

Have you ever felt that way? That true love was just out of reach?

Well, I decided to give anything a try including the seemingly basic manifestation exercise of writing down my deepest desires. I also committed to saying “yes” to all requests (well almost), I asked friends to set me up, initiated conversations with strangers and explored any viable places for meeting someone...

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5 Surprising Ways to Embrace Risk....#5 is my favorite

mindset stress success Dec 30, 2023

We are just two days away from 2024!! As we embark on the New Year, there is often a feeling of hope and excitement. New goals, new energy, and a renewed commitment to making things happen. I love that feeling and yes, I am one of the few who still gets excited about making New Year’s Resolutions.

However, before I create a new vision, I always make a point of looking at what I accomplished last year and why those goals happened. If you haven’t done that, I highly recommend setting an alarm for 10 minutes and writing down everything you accomplished that made you feel happy or proud last year. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, in fact, some of the small things often have the greatest impact. Then reflect, how does it feel? And what do you notice??

As I reviewed my year, there was undoubtedly a common thread around the things I was most proud of and that is RISK. Ahhhhh that big, scary thing that raises your heart rate just by saying the word! Yet, the...

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The Ultimate Way to Master Your Energy

Is your energy helping or hurting your ability to manifest the things you want in life?

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Holistic Health Summit. I was incredibly impressed by the speakers and their commitment to changing a “sick care” system into a “health care” system. (if you are interested check out the organization here.)

While I was intensely listening to every presentation, there was one that kept me on the edge of my seat. The speaker was an incredible acupuncturist and naturopath who talked about the significance of our energetic and emotional levels and the power they have on every aspect of our lives. 

She also introduced a chart by Dr. David R Hawkins, a psychiatrist, spiritual teacher, and author known for his work on consciousness and human awareness. He created a “Map of Consciousness” which is a scale of human emotions and their corresponding frequencies. The scale ranges...

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3 Reasons Why You Need Movement to Manifest Success

I often talk about the magic of movement. I love exercise - so much so that I built my whole business on it! - so I see that magic everyday, both in the latest research and also in watching my clients break through barriers and achieve their goals. I can tell you from experience:  movement is nothing short of magical.

Now I realize that not everyone, okay, there are a lot of people who do not share that perspective. Some of you may be thinking, What's so great about moving? I get it's good for you, but "magical"?  Really? Isn't that a bit of an exaggeration?

Well, maybe not.

I truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that movement is one of the most powerful and underutilized mindset tools there is. And guess what...science confirms it!

Here are 3 powerful reasons you need movement to manifest your goals faster and easier (and yes, you  might even have more fun!)

1. Every single system in your...

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How To Stop Psyching Yourself Out

goals mindset success May 12, 2023

Have you ever felt like there is a whole debate club living in your head? It’s particularly loud when you are under pressure, faced with a challenge or going for a goal you really want?

It’s as if one part of your brain is saying “Go for it, you can do it”, while another voice negates that fiercely, “No you can’t, who do you think you are? Get out while you still can.” And then of course there is that other slightly more reasonable voice that convinces you to" just try" , "do your best"  but then comes in and  chokes when the pressure gets too intense. 

If you have ever had that happen, you are definitely not alone.

For some reason, there were lots of big sporting events for people in my life this past weekend and that is a classic place for this mind game to rear its ugly head. First, my client Teresa was scheduled for a Spartan 10K trail run and called Friday with very “rational” reasons why she should...

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7 Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally

When people ask, "How are you doing?" Do you find yourself answering "Great, energized, on top of the world." or is it more like a muffled "I'm fine" or "Doing ok" and inside you are really thinking, I'm tired, stressed, and just need another cup of coffee.

Well, if you are feeling a little more groggy, than bright eyed and bushy tailed, you aren't alone. I had a new client say to me last week, "I'm so tired of feeling tired. It's spring and beautiful outside, I just want to feel great."

Well the good news is there are solutions. With some small, daily changes, you can feel vibrant, healthy and "great". And better yet, you can do that naturally. 

To find out how, check out these  7 Ways to Boost your Energy Naturally. (My favorite is #2, my least favorite, even though it really works  is #6;-))

1. Monitor Your Thoughts and Feelings: We all have heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, it turns out you are also a...

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5 Powerful Ways to Have Faith in Yourself (by Lucy Cooper Spaulding)

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2023

A few weeks ago, I was walking home from an event with my very smart and creative friend and marketing expert Nicole Morris. And she said, "It would be really fun if you found some clips from your Soap Opera days where maybe your character said something motivational." 

While that sounded great, it also felt a bit daunting. Well, cut to a special thanks and huge shout out to Aimee Fruge for her brilliant, TV memory mind and her ability to find these Guiding Light scenes, this became a reality. And it turns out, Lucy Cooper Spaulding  (my character) was quite the little, Life Coach. Hmm...does art imitate life or does life imitate art?? LOL 

Lucy had some wise words for Alan Michael and as I watched and relived this scene (below) I felt like I had shared these thoughts or said some of these exact words to clients, friends, and family and now, I want you my Moticise family to hear them to. Because they apply and are so true to each and every one of you!

"You can be ...

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Don't Make This Post Valentine's Day Mistake!

Years ago my husband wrote and sold a romantic comedy script called I Hate Valentines Day.

Every time the title came up, people would laugh, almost with a sigh of relief, as if to say “Yes I hate Valentine’s Day too.” There is so much pressure on this one single day whether you are in a relationship or not to have this unbridled, fairytale LOVE depicted in a Hollywood movie.

I have been with my husband for over 20 years, and I love him dearly. Don’t me wrong, I’m happy to celebrate that but even I feel this daunting need to either live up to the expectations of this day or be a rebel and “just not care”

And I know for my single friends, that is often more heightened. It shows up as deep sadness bordering on feelings of “failure”. Or a need to celebrate with a friend to prove that you are worthy, and love is not relegated to a romantic relationship. Or of course the stance of steely independence, “I’m fine, I...

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