How to Get the Mindset of a Wimbledon Champion

goals mindset moticise Jul 11, 2014

Heather, put your face in the water! 
Djokovic, win the Wimbledon final!

A few months ago, my friend Heather gave me a great way to accomplish a goal. It felt silly, but it turns out Djokovic used the same method this past weekend to win the Grand Slam title at Wimbledon.

She was training for a triathlon, Heather told me, and she just hated putting her face in the water.

‘So I would tell myself to do it,’ she said, ‘I would yell at myself. “Heather, do this!” “Put your face in the water, Heather!”’ She laughed. And of course I thought, I should try that!

I’m sure a lot of you saw that amazing tennis match last Sunday – the one where Novak Djokovic lost the fourth set and his momentum. And then he turned it all around to win the Wimbledon final. In the interview afterwards, Djokovic was saying how it’s not about talent right now, it’s not about technique, it’s about mindset. In fact, it’s so important to him that he even hired somebody to help him improve his mindset.

And it worked. After he lectured himself in the bathroom, under what must have been unimaginable pressure (I imagine it went something like this: ‘Novak, you HAVE to make this happen! Go out there and do what you’re best at! Win this match!’), he came out – and in the final moments, he scored the winning point.

How incredible that such a simple technique, which we can all use at any time, can prove to be so effective. It can work with big or small things, whether it’s putting your face in the water, or winning the biggest tennis competition in the world. Because it’s all about mindset.

Now, go out and shine!

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