Crazy, isn’t it?

What a fantastic metaphor for life that is. So you have a big dream—good! It should be big! But don’t go thinking that because it’s big, it’s out of reach. It’s not.

Everything is a series of steps. Sometimes, the first step is a small one that causes a chain reaction—resulting in something amazing.

What would happen if you do one small thing that will move you toward your goal—and then keep doing it every day? How would that change your life?

One single push can lead to so much. One small step can open up countless doors, leading to bigger and better things. You simply never know where it will take you.

Wherever you are in your goal today, I encourage you to take that next step, whether it’s big or small. Do it fearlessly. Do it as if the universe were begging you to. No matter what fears or doubts you may have, cast them aside—remember your vision. Follow your passion. Let nothing stop you.