My New (School) Year’s Resolution

coaching goals moticise Sep 03, 2014

As I was shopping for school supplies with my kids the other day, it started to feel real that fall is coming. It may still be hot and sunny out, but it sure feels like a change is in the air – do you feel it too?

Every September, even before the leaves turn into their beautiful golds and reds, I get the feeling that it’s time to start something new, something substantial – almost like a New Year’s resolution.

It’s exciting – for me, there’s a certain readiness. It’s this new, fresh energy that things are changing, things are happening. I feel it in the big areas of my life – family, fitness, my business.

For one thing, my kids and I are just getting back from summer vacations – we’ve had an amazing time working with my husband as he films in Romania; we went to LA for the Emmys; we’ve also been taking hiking trips around New York and New Jersey. They’re starting school this week, so we’re going from a period of freedom and non-schedules to a more structured routine (though, of course, that changes every other minute:-).

Then there’s health – always a big priority for me. Especially after a summer of traveling, right now feels like a time to reset my body with a 21 day cleanse. For me, that’s a great way to “start over” – get all those toxins out, reestablish those good eating and exercise habits.

And, of course, my business – Moticise! I feel so ready for the big launch coming up – our very first DVD, which we’ve been working really hard on for over a year now. It’s almost ready to go. When we launched the website last spring, I was so excited for all the positive feedback. Now we’re gearing up for something even bigger – Mindset Reset, a 40-minute cardio workout designed to reset your mind toward a goal you want to achieve.

I’ve never felt this ready to launch it; to put it out into the universe and see what happens.

What are you working on this fall? Any new ideas you’re considering, or a project or a change you’ve already started? How will you reset your mind, or your body, or your life?

Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

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