The Simple Reminder You Need to Hear

adventure mindset Sep 05, 2017

I am struggling to rally some excitement around fall.

I know, that’s blasphemous. Pumpkin spice! Sweater weather! Autumn leaves! It’s such a gorgeous time, especially in New York City, and it’s so many people’s favorite time of year. But I gotta be honest – I always feel a little sad when summer’s ending.

It’s because summer is so free. We don’t go to bed on time; we sleep late. We still work, but the schedule is a free-for-all. I love warm East Coast nights, late-night walks in the park, t shirts and shorts. We take trips, we spend time together laughing and moving and just enjoying each other. Summer represents fun, easy, freedom.

Every year around now, I look ahead to fall, and I see the return to routine, strict schedules, fights around bedtime, trying not to be late. It feels rigid, stressful, like the antithesis of freedom.

But of course, I have a choice about what perspective to take. So I’ve made a conscious effort to shift my mindset away from what I’ll be losing, and toward what I’m gaining. And honestly, there’s a ton of stuff happening this fall that I’d be insane not to look forward to.

For instance, I just booked a lifelong dream trip – to climb Kilimanjaro with my two sisters. How amazing is that? And we’re relaunching my website next month, so look out for new products and events. I’ve redone my keynote, and I’m ready to go out and speak more. I’m excited about my kids’ classes – they have great teachers this year – and about going out to cheer at their baseball and volleyball games.

When I first moved to L.A., I thought I’d come to an endless summer paradise. Sunny all the time, hardly any rain, never really cold. The seasons were barely distinguishable. Perfect for me, right? But after a year of one day turning into the next, each month the same as the last, it started to feel exactly the same. I missed the slow turn of summer into fall and spring into summer.

Seasons are nature’s way of reminding us to embrace change. There’s an adventure in change, even if it’s just the leaves turning color, or a lifestyle shift. It can be unsettling, because it’s new and unknown. But that’s the beauty of life – surprise. Change. Adventure, big or small. Life is full of beginnings and endings. And while endings are often sad, I can choose to be grateful for the easygoing, free-spirited summer I had, and also ready for another season of growth and experiences.

What does this change in seasons mean for you?

What’s beginning in your life, this fall? How will you meet it?

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