What Mask Are You Wearing?

coaching mindset Oct 02, 2017

The other day, my kids and I were looking through old Halloween costumes, trying to find some inspiration for this year. We tried on old dresses, old hats, old masks. And it reminded me of a time when I put on a mask, and learned something about who I was.

In grade school, I was always the good girl. I got straight A’s, I was involved in different clubs, I never spoke out of turn. Teachers always put the “trouble” kids next to me, because I was so quiet and rule-abiding, in the hopes that they would adapt to me (not the other way around).

In eighth grade, as Halloween approached, I came up with a pretty crazy (for me) idea: I was going to be a biker chick. You know, a bad girl.

I borrowed clothes from friends. Spandex, leather jacket, high heels, flashy make-up (a friend came over early that day to apply it, since I had no idea how). And I’ll never forget that moment, Halloween morning, when I walked in. Like in slow-motion, everyone turned, their mouths hanging open. “Oh my god.” “Is that Sonia?” 

At least, that’s how I remember it.

I wasn’t the quiet good kid anymore. I was a totally new person for a day. Heads turned, and I liked it. Today I joke that that day was a turning point for me, where I realized that I wanted to be bold, and daring, and seen.

Honestly, that probably led to my love of acting, even if that didn’t manifest for years to come. It wasn’t until college that I really decided to focus on it, but I think there are moments in our past where our true passions come out of hiding. I tried on a new mask, and it turned out to be a part of me that I didn’t know existed.

What about you? What mask do you want to put on? If you could step into a different facet of yourself, what would that look like? Who would you be?

Or maybe the inverse applies more to you. Is there a mask you’re wearing now, that you want to take off? What does the real you look like?

If you could step into a different part of yourself for Halloween, what would it be?

Go out and shine.

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