The 3 biggest reasons people aren’t manifesting their dreams

Many, many people I meet tell me they have doubts about manifesting. “If it’s as simple as it sounds,” they say, “why isn’t it working? I visualize what I want, but then nothing happens.”

That can be so frustrating. I get it because I’ve been there. The good news is, the reasons that manifesting doesn’t seem to “work” are pretty simple – and once you understand them, you can fix them.

The 3 biggest reasons why people aren't manifesting what they want boils down to these:

  1. They’re not connected to their why. If you try to manifest something that’s not a true core desire, then chances are, it’s not going to show up anytime soon. The things you manifest must come from your deepest core self – not from some surface-y, flippant place of “oh that sounds cool, I’ll try to manifest it.”

You’ve got to connect with your inner why. Why is that thing so important to you? What will you gain by receiving it? Is it in line with your core values and beliefs?

When you know your why, you’re more tapped into your core and more aligned with what your true desires really are – which is a key element of manifestation.

  1. They don’t allow what they want to come to them.

This can be one of the hardest laws of manifesting for people who tend to believe they can work their way to success (um, me). According to the Law of Allowing, when you start to match your vibrations to the things you truly desire, then they are already on their way toward you – and your job is to allow them. To let go of your resistance. To stop trying to force them. To relax, breathe deep, sip some tea, and receive.

Yet that can be so freaking hard.

So practice taking those deep breaths. Practice letting go of resistance – those thoughts that say I can’t have that or This won’t work. Invite those things you want most to you – and then sit back and let them in.

  1. They’re not in alignment with what they want.

When your current vibrations don’t match those of what you’re trying to manifest, conflict ensues. The Law of Attraction tells us that like attracts like – so if you’re vibrating at a low level, and trying to manifest something at a high level, it just won’t work.

Our job is to raise our vibrations. To match those of what we want and move beyond the three reasons why we're being blocked. To align our beliefs, thoughts, and actions toward that highest wavelength – because when we do, those things that light us up come to us naturally.

How can you accomplish all that? With practice and intention, of course, and a little guidance! These are some of the things we’ll be doing in my brand new 10-Day Challenge – What If It's Easy?: 10 Days to Manifest a Bold (and Better) 2021 – which kicks off Thursday, Jan. 21. We’re going to tap into our why, align our core selves, and start to manifest those big, beautiful, life-changing things that will truly bring us joy.

If that sounds big and hard, fear not! The whole Challenge is based on the fact that you can make real, lasting change in just a few minutes a day. It doesn’t take hours of hard labor; it doesn’t take working late into the night. It all comes down to a series of small, strategic mindset changes you can make anytime, anywhere.

Plus – members of the Challenge will have the chance to get live coaching from me, to help get super-specific on how to release your resistance and invite in the things you want most.

Interested? I’d love to have you along for the ride! Click here to register, and then do a little happy dance – because you’re about to step into the life of your dreams.

Go out, raise those vibrations, and shine.


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