5 Steps To Uncover Your Personal Clues To Success

goals life coach success Nov 08, 2022


Have you ever felt like achieving success is a hidden mystery and that only certain people have the key?

Or perhaps you are wanting more relationship, health or business success and it feels so far out of reach?

The fact is success leaves clues and if you are ready to put on your best trench coat, dark glasses and detective hat, you can crack the code.

This happened recently as I was catching up with my long-time friend Pam. Our conversation touched on everything from travel to family and relationships to business.

When we landed on work she sighed and said “It’s been so long since I was successful, I’m not even sure it’s possible anymore.

“What?” I protested, as the “life-coaching” hair on the back of my neck stood up, “You are one of the smartest and most creative people I know. Of course, you can be successful.”

Just for the record, she was a highly regarded creative director at a prestigious advertising firm when she decided to step away to care for her two beautiful kids. Since, she has raised lots of money for charity and was currently laying the groundwork for a new business.

I proceeded by reminding her that success leaves clues and she certainly left enough breadcrumbs behind for us to find, if we looked carefully enough.

So off we went like two sleuths on a cold, hard case to uncover the keys to Pam’s success.

I started by guiding her through a simple exercise I want to share with you here.

If you are looking for ways to create more personal or business success, this  5- step process can be very helpful.

  1. Write down 3 things that you have accomplished that you are proud of. They can be big or small accomplishments and it doesn’t matter whether they happened decades ago or just last week.
  2. Grab that magnifying glass and take a closer look. What was it that you accomplished? How did it feel? What did you do to make that happen? What did you believe? Be specific and list as many things as you can think of here.
  3. Zoom out and look at what you specifically did and believed for all 3 accomplishments. How did you manage the challenges or obstacles that came up? Do you notice any patterns?
  4. It’s also helpful to repeat these steps with some things that didn’t work out. Failure leaves clues too. So notice what you did or more likely didn’t do? Was there a difference in your attitude or beliefs? How did you face obstacles in the situations that didn’t work out as well? Do you notice any patterns between these situations that weren’t as successful.
  5.  After capturing those clues for success (and determining what you don’t want to do), take a look at your current goal. How might you take this valuable information and put it into action?

For example, one clue that often shows up is taking more chances and stepping into the unknown. With your current goal or intention, what is one action that you could take this week that is outside your comfort zone? When will you do it?

Remember: If you think about it, it’s a wish. If you schedule it, it becomes a reality.

If for some reason you are sitting there thinking, but I really don’t have any success. I would argue that is absolutely not true. We all have moments where we achieved something.

And it’s important to tap into that personal evidence for two reasons: One: You already know how to do it! Two: Gain Confidence by being reminded that you already know how to do it!.

With that said, if you are seeking even more specific clues, you can borrow them by researching how other people have achieved their success.

So take your clues for success, put them into action and shine.
















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