Why This Is The Best Way To Create Lasting Change

brain goals success Feb 04, 2022

Clients often lament, “Do I have to do this again? I thought I already conquered that habit (or thought or behavior)."

And they absolutely have in remarkable and very visible ways. They have achieved success and done things that they once couldn’t imagine. And yet sometimes those sneaky little patterns come back to remind us of what we used to do. It's almost like a test.

Has that ever happened to you?

Well,  I truly believe that while we can slip backwards in our behavior, we never go backwards in consciousness. The fact is now we know what’s happening and can reverse course much faster.

Repetition is truly the key to success.

In fact, behavior changes happen because of repetition through something called “experience-dependent neuroplasticity”. In English, that means our brains change in response to our thoughts, actions, and experiences.

Every time you think a thought, a pathway of neurons lights up in your brain. If it’s something you’ve thought before, then there’s already a path there and in reenforces it. If it’s a new thought, it creates a new pathway which at first can feel like you’re bushwhacking through the jungle. But with repetition the neural pathway becomes like a well paved highway. It’s easier, faster and more efficient.

The repetition eventually moves those thoughts and behaviors from the conscious to the unconscious…. kind of like walking and riding a bike.

The bottom line is repetition is not a thing to feel ashamed of or frustrated by but rather something to be inspired by. (and celebrated) The more you repeat desirable behavior the closer you come to mastery and the more it becomes a natural part of your being.

So what positive thoughts or behaviors can you REPEAT today, tomorrow, next week and the weeks that follow that will bring you greater success, happiness and fulfillment???

Let’s get started.

Go out REPEAT and SHINE!

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